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 Quickie Answers Below.

  • Why digital marketing?

    Digital marketing provides small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to compete against their larger competitors on an more even playing field, with the right team you can seem bigger, and present yourself as well if not better then the giant corporations can at an affordable price. Besides the level playing field, digital marketing also allows business to target their specific audience better, track the results easier and therefor is a much more affordable and efficient way to attract new business. As if these two reasons weren't enough, the digital world is becoming more and more interlaced with our everyday lives, with over 90% of US adults having a digital device within arms reach theres no way to argue that digital is not the best form of marketing.

  • Where do I start? SEO, Facebook, adwords?

    The ideal answer is all at the same time, but due to budge constraints and or man power, this cant always be the case. Marketing as a whole builds upon each other and the more avenues used to reach people the more beneficial each avenue can become, information and stats from one platform can be used to make better decisions on another, or to re-target specific people in a different way.


    But if you must pick just one to start we would suggest taking a look at your target audience and your competition, where will the barrier of entry be the easiest and where can you grow revenue the fastest. Lots of time this means doing social first, usually starting with Facebook, but sometimes depending on the product or service adwords and a direct pay per click campaign will be the best choice for quick results.


    The truth is, every case is different, and we would love to help be a part of your digital marketing journey and help you choose the best path for you and your business.

  • Is digital marketing the best for all companies? How do you determine what’s best?

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  • Do I really need social media? Or can I just have a website?

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  • What is the best budget to set for marketing? How much should I expect to spend?

    This is a very common question, and the truth is there is no secret sauce. Theres no rule of thumb or magic percent that brings back the best return on investment. But in general... heres some possible answers.


    If your a new company, (1-5 years old) or looking to grow: We recommend spending 15 to 30 percent of your gross revenue or projected revenue.

    If your an established company (older than 5 years) and not in a position to take on new growth you can drop those numbers in half to make up for lost clients, and competition.


    If you want to spend more... DO IT! Thats if you can handle the growth, and if you have found a strategy that works, don't go using all your budget at once, experiment with different things, and remember marketing takes time, that ad someone saw 3 months ago might be the reason your client looked you up today.


    So how much of this should you spend on digital marketing? Once again theres more than one way to shine a penny, and we think every business has its unique variables that can give reason to more or less digital marketing spend. But we would recommend at least half of your marketing expenses go towards digital, because its really 9 out of 10 times the most cost efficient way to market. Of course theres still the mandatory business cards, and direct event print materials you shouldn't forgo, but spending money on newspaper, general mail, and billboard advertising is not the best use of your money.


    What if i cant spend that much?

    We hear this often, and really this is one of those things, that of course if you cant do it, you cant do it... but maybe you can borrow money, or barter for services? If your a small team, a start up or owner taking a salary you can reduce pay temporarily? Now we understand that taking on loans, or lowering your pay sounds extreme, but isn't ope of  the goals of business usually to make money? Be it by getting new clients, selling more products, or providing more services,  you need to bring in money, without clients, or barely making ends meet you will continue in a vicious cycle of "never having enough to market" or worse, go out of business. So do what you can, and try not skimp on marketing. Once you have established your budget stick to whatever you start with (should be Facebook or a good Google ads campaign when on a tight budget) Just because you done see results in one week, does not mean it is not working! Marketing takes time, and luckily these platforms let you tweak as you go, so results are much faster than non digital marketing.

  • How fast will I see changes?

    This depends.. How long has your company been in business? How good is your product or service? How much competition is there? How unique is your brand, product, name and domain? How much are you willing to spend? How long has your site been up? Do you have negative marks on your domain, or other ranking or review sites?


    In a perfect situation with a unique product, no competition, and a brand new digital entrance. You can see results really quickly, for search you can make it to the top for your product or name in a couple weeks.


    But the reality is that this probably isn't the case, and SEO can take a few months to really start getting you climbing the page rankings, social media accounts will grow exponentially so the longer your using it to advertise and grow your more you will see it grow, get noticed, and create leads for you. The only quick fix is paid digital advertising, and you will see results as soon as you begin, but even this gets better and more cost efficient with time as your particular variables are figured out, tested and improved upon. This is usually the most costly but is a great way to get your online presence kick started while your social following grows, and your SEO improves. Over time you will have all your advertising feeding off each other, and helping each other grow, while reducing the total cost of acquisition.

  • What's a PPC campaign?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click, this is a form of online marketing in which you pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Its a way of buying visits to your site, a specialized landing page, or any other digital real estate you may wish to drive people to. One of  the greatest advantages to this type of advertising is that you only pay for the people who actually not only see it, but click on it. Compared to traditional print where you have no guarantee of people reading or seeing your ad, yet you have to pay a set cost. On top of only paying for what you use (clicks) you also get to target these ads based on geography, words used in search, and other demographics depending on the platform you choose. This creates targeted advertisement increasing your chances of these viewers being interested in your product or service.

  • What’s an A/B test?

    A/B testing is when you take any ad, page or actionable item and create various forms of this item. You would then test and compare the outcomes of each variable in order to pick the more effective design or copy. This allows for constant improvement and higher return on invested marketing spend.

  • How do you determine my target market?

    Your target market is determined by asking some questions about your company.

    Who is most likely to use your product? The all factors into considerations such as location, marital status, age, income, etc.

    Who are your competitors going after? Don't go after the same group whenever possible. Find your own niche.

    If your already in business, look at your current customer base. Which ones do you enjoy working with the most? Which ones bring in the most business? Aim for similar people or businesses when picking your target market.


    These questions will help you in determining your target market, but as many things in marketing, things change, and should be re evaluated regularly to make sure everything is running as efficient as possible.

  • What are keywords?

    Keywords are words or phrases that your potential audience may use to search for relevant topics on search engines and social media.


    Content on your site is what the search engines search against to find relevant keywords, phrases or relatable content.

  • How will you ensure brand exposure?

    Well that depends, on what you want us to do. Asides from our listed services, we can help plan and execute just about anything, and if we cant we know who to turn to to get you the best results for your business.


    We can help establish your social media following, which is great for brand exposure, all the while creating leads, potential customers, and cheap marketing space.


    We can coordinate, design and distribute press releases. Getting press coverage, is like adverting, but its better than that because editorials have more authority and don't come from the advertiser so its taken with more "respect" by the potential consumer.


    Let us design and create promotional items for events and trade shows. This is often skimped on, and nothing is less memorable than poorly printed or executed print, and swag.


    Our PR team can make sure your persona is in check, coordinate and recommend events, setup experiential stunts, and handle bad press.


    With paid advertising you get to control the exposure volume knob, and depending on your budget and or goals, we can aim to get your brand and service better known via display advertising and sponsorships rather than pay per click ads.

  • Am I able to change services?

    Depending on the services you may be able to upgrade by just paying the difference, or change the service if its a related service, or if there are certain other criteria, or circumstances, were here to work with you not against you, and we do everything in our power to get you making more money or reaching your goals, in hopes that you will continue working with us and recommend us to your friends, fellow business owners and family.

  • Does my company need a blog?

    YES! This  is a big deal for not only SEO, but for your audience. They want content, people are looking for fresh content whether its for entertainment, or to help decide on who is the best option to go with. Fresh content on a blog will give your company a place to show off your knowledge, update the public, and provide content that may attract new customers to check you out.

  • Why should i pay for social media? When i or my (insert family member here) can do it!

    In all reality anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it. All you have to do to learn just about anything is read, experiment, practice, plan, and execute. The only greatest limiting factor we all face is TIME!


    The reason we offer social media services is because if your like most other business people you don't have the time to perform the constant, and appropriate tasks involved in keeping up a good social media presence. And if you somehow do have extra time, that time might be better off spent on other business tasks to further grow and nurture your business.


    As for your free family member willing to help out with social media, are they willing to always be ready to reply to potential customers across all your accounts? Are they proficient with graphic design? Do they understand your other marketing efforts and how they should tie together? Do they already have the various softwares required to efficiently monitor, update and grow all of your social media accounts? How about the expensive design software? Will they suddenly feel that they are owed something in the future?


    Some things are better off left to the pros. And with our affordable pricing, theres really nothing to think about. No family headache, no overhead of software, no time wasted learning the ever changing digital landscape and no liability or payroll of in house social media expert.

  • Do I really need a website? Do I need to update it? Does it look good?

    YES! Every business needs a website. It behooves us when a company has been in business for a while and has no website. Your website is usually one of the first things people look at when making a purchase decision. Weather its to get more information without reaching out, (these people will go to the competitor with a website) or to get your contact information, your site is you online business card, your cheapest sales person, and the cornerstone for your online marketing success.


    Websites should be updated as frequently as possible to show search engines and consumers that you are a live, breathing organism that is ever improving, growing and keeping everyone updated. One way to help do this is by implementing a blog in your site to constantly deliver fresh content. But even still with a blog in place, occasional site revisions, graphic updates, color changes for holidays, and additional information make for a better user experience and search engines see this as a plus and ranks your higher.


    Unfortunately many people either have tried to make their own website or chosen to go with the first cheap quote they received. More often than not this is obvious and may look outdated, unprofessional, or may not function fully. This isn't going to get you more business when your competitor has a more put together look and feel. Your website is one of your first impressions to many potential clients. Would you show up to a sales pitch in your old gym clothes? Probably not, in fact most will dress up in their best or specialized uniform to provide a sense of professionalism, organization, and reliability that will create an easier sale. So be honest with yourself and seek the opinions of others to see if you site looks professional, functions correctly, and is up to par and preferably above your competitions efforts.

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