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If you are a restaurant owner and were faced with the decision of where to place your restaurant, would you place it on the corner of a busy intersection, or at the end of a dead-end road? Obviously we would all pick the busy intersection. The Internet for many websites unfortunately is a dead end road. However with online advertising, you can make your brand known and bring it to that busy corner where you’ll get more traffic and potential customers!

How do you become more visible online?

To become more visible online you need a blend of different things. In general this is called online marketing. First off you cant expect to be number one with a non quality product, or service, you need to be wanted, and be relevant to peoples needs and searches. You need to be big or seem big, the bigger the better, the more information (relevant of course) across your website, blogs, social platforms, and the more traffic you create the better your visibility become.


And most importantly TIME!

You cant expect to be number one over night, and the people that promise this may be able to do so for short periods of times, until the search engines realise that you cheated your way to the top, and this will hurt you in the long run.

Most of all you need a blend of online marketing. Quality marketing requires time, and repetitiveness. People need to see you in different arenas, at different times, in different ways for their subconscious to say "hey i see them often, i should learn more" or "hey i should try them out there all over the place, they must be great", Theres a certain amount of time or views that certain mediums require before they can be accurately measured. So dont make the mistake of giving up too soon.


Online marketing isnt something new for business anymore. Its been going on for years and seems to keep growing with no end in sight. Yet far to many small to medium sized business' neglect how important online marketing is for their business success.


With over 85% of searches for products and services happening online, and over half of the total dollars spent in the US retail space will be influenced by the web this year (Source: Forrester Research ) Its time to take online marketing seriously!


The great thing about online advertising is that it’s extremely measurable. With analytics as well as call tracking you can make sure that every dollar you spend is a good investment as well as a great return.


Also keep in mind that with online advertising, not only are you sharing your brand, you are reaching and engaging with qualified leads who are seeking out your services. With traditional advertising (such as magazines) anyone and everyone is seeing your ad and you are paying for it even if it doesn’t result in a conversion.



You want to be one of the first websites that show up when a potential customer is looking for your products or services.

With the millions of websites on the internet and competing companies, this can be a daunting task. But if you know what search engines are looking for, you can optimize your efforts to get you to the top.


This is often times called SEO (search engine optimization) although this term is used very loosely now. To get your site to the top you need to take many things into account. Including having relevant,quality content on  your site. A track record of quality traffic, and you must convince the search engines that you are a real, and active business. So making sure your site isnt cluttered with spam or nonsense links and making sure that content is relevant and updates is crucial and directly related to keeping traffic on your site.


How do you become more visible online?

Social Media

social media likes and comments

Social media is well past the point of being a "fad". It is now one of the most influential and powerful forms of communication between businesses and their their target markets and existing fans, and customers. Social media platforms have become the top internet activity for US adults, with the average person spending over threw hours on social media sites daily!


In 2013 the top three video ads generated a total of more than 12 million shares

Twitter delivered 400% the revenue per visit in 2013 than it did in 2011: 44 cents versus 11 cents.

The average click-through-rate for Facebook Ads has jumped 275% since 2012.

(Source for statistics: Wishpond)

Social media provides you the medium to engage in two way conversation with the online community. It allows you to personalize relationships with customers, clients, patients and vendors. Promote Specials and events. You can see and deal with customer feedback in real-time, answer customers questions and complaints in a more personal and open way than ever before.


Social connectivity directly influences organic relevance in search by providing more content and authenticity. Active social media profiles often rank for brand related searches, boost your  sites rank and helps boost your brand awareness, and web presence.


Facebook- With the largest user base of all social media platforms. Facebook is definitely the number one social medium for businesses. There are many ways to connect with current and potential customers. Not only can your posts show to your existing followers, but you can target others while levereging face books massive demographic information available to you through facebook insights to accurately your message to people that matter. This translates to better more efficient marketing campaigns.


Instagram- One of the newest of the platorms with a less is more approach, it is now owened by facebook and is one of the faster growing platforms. This makes instagram a usefull tool for all businesses to use to communicate their brand, personality and show off cool products, promotions or results.


Twitter- Twitter is one of the industries most used mediums, it allows for real time connectivity with people, and lets you see what people are talking about, trends in your industry, and lets you keep in touch with your customers, and even help you smooth out problems with unhappy customers. This platform is great to refine your brand, connect with customers, and show your companies personality.


Google Plus- Being Googles social medium, google plus cannot be ignored, with every gmail user automatically converted over to google+, the user base is huge and very diverse. Google+ is now also  linked to Google Local, Google places for business, Google authorship, Google Maps, and you tube! This makes it a very vital piece of the puzzle when trying to reach customers, and rank well in seo.


Others- There is a ton of other social mediums that can be useful for some instances, such as blogger, pintrest and many many more. But sometimes these don't produce the best ROI, or require much more time and effort than the other top 4.


Paid Advertising

When people think about paid search advertising online, the biggest name that comes to mind is google. They have the largest market sharre and can almost instantly send you as much traffic as your willing to buy. Unfortunately its also one of the most expensive since iits in such high demend. Theres also other networks, such as facebook ads, yahoo sponsored search, Microsoft Ad Center, and ad sonar, all these also allow you to run payed advertisement campaigns.


You need to make sure your targeting the right people, and that they turn into customers, or at-least potential customers. Otherwise your just throwing your money away. Running a profitable paid advertising campaign online can be difficult. Prices are going up as competition is increasing. you cant just "set it and forget" a campaign anymore. Paid advertising is a hands on task that involves constant testing of ads, ad network research, and conversion tracking and reporting.

Businesses across all industries can benefit from the immediate advantages of paid search or ppc(pay per click) advertisement.  It allows offers you immediate search engine visibility, and starts building brand awareness because some people will regularly see your ads and this may even lead to future organic search result clicks.


Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers or potential customers. Remind them why they love you, why they should buy from you, and why they should tell others about you. An email marketing program can make sure your always on a customers mind, can introudce new products or services, communicate specials, and events, filter out potential leads, and see whos really interested in certain products. No matter the industry, or goal theres a way to make email marketing work for you.


You can even incorporate the same principles of email marketing to SMS, Voicemail, or even faxing.


These forms of advertisments can be a technical undertaking sometimes, and requires strict adherence to certain federal laws, so make sure you look into this, or hire a professional before moving forward on using these means of communication for advertising.

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MDMC Acronym Logo For My Digital Marketing Company
My Digital Marketing Companies Teaching Owl Mascot With Graduation Cap On.

© Copyright 2017 My Digital Marketing Company

All Rights Reserved

MDMC Acronym Logo For My Digital Marketing Company
My Digital Marketing Companies Teaching Owl Mascot With Graduation Cap On.

©2017 My Digital Marketing Company

All Rights Reserved